It's a pandemic!  How can you learn?

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is to try new ways to make music.  Within a few weeks online teaching was in full swing.  Now organizations and instructors around the country have begun to adapt and improve instruction.  There are many opportunities, but I encourage you to check out some of these resources.  The silver lining is that you can choose to take classes with the most amazing teachers you could dream of--and only a Zoom code away!

American Recorder Society online offerings, including FREE classes for beginners!

Early Music America online offerings

Amherst Early Music Workshop online program

San Francisco Early Music Society online program

Anne Timberlake's website and blog


As a recorder teacher and player based in the Atlanta area, Jody Miller supports both historical music and traditionally historical instruments in contemporary roles.  With over 20 years of diverse teaching experience, Jody is an effective teacher in workshop, small group, and private settings.

Jody's primary work in the recorder and early music community is workshop administration and teaching, but he enjoys performing historical and contemporary literature.

Jody recently began an interview series for the Atlanta Early Music Alliance.  Check out interviews below.

For sample recordings, click HERE to navigate to the "About Me" page.

Helpful Videos for Recorder Players

The American Recorder Society has commissioned a series of videos to help in teaching specialized techniques.  See what Jody and his colleagues have to offer by visiting the video page.  While you're at it, join and/or make a donation to the American Recorder Society!

Click on the ARS logo to visit the page of technique videos.

Polyphonic Voices
Atlanta Early Music Alliance's interview series featuring early musicians working in Georgia

See archived interviews by clicking HERE.

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Kevin Kelly — Athens Chamber Singers